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ResearchMetrix is a full-service clinical trial recruitment agency –tantamount to a creative company specializing in branding and content creation for the acquisition of Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials. In this digital era, we deliver innovative strategies, memorable content, compelling patient journeys, high conversion and transformative growth. 

Our Expertise

Our custom-built Patient Recruitment  and Retention branded programs give you the insights and results to propel your campaigns to the next level and achieve maximum patient enrollment.

Our Commitment to Results

By leveraging modern technology, we have developed a simpler, quicker and more insightful way of testing the effectiveness of Patient Recruitment and Retention strategies while leveraging the benefits of traditional market research approaches.

Our Philosophy

We have experienced the evolution of market research and patient engagement over the last 20 years, from paper-based and telephone surveys to online research. We are now implementing the latest cutting-edge technologies for Patient Recruitment and Retention. 

Our Experience

ResearchMetrix's experience in insight-led Patient Recruitment strategy gives our clients the clarity and understanding to maximize enrollment. It's how we help CROs, Sponsors, PIs, and Sites achieve the right recruitment, retention and enrollment results for each Clinical Trial.

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The Team

ResearchMetrix brings together a dynamic team of specialists from diverse fields spanning Digital Transformation, Strategy, Idea Innovation, Creative Development, Design and Sales, united by a defining belief in using human-centric creative thinking to maximize Patient Recruitment and Retention strategies encouraging more positive patient outcomes again and again.

Yvan Lamoureux

Founder & CEO

Formally educated and with two degrees, one in marketing and one in design, from the University of Manitoba, Yvan has worked within and in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies for years. Yvan's B2C & B2B experience also spans Healthcare, Medical Devices, Clinical Research Trials, Cannabis, Saas Companies, and Industrial Supply Industries.


Yvan helps organizations today evoke meaning and empathy through their recruitment efforts—not by jumping on the latest fad and hiding behind "style," but by dedicating himself to conceptual execution, delivering on ethical, honest communication and measuring the results. His goal is to impart meaning to patient care above and beyond what is spelled out in the protocol to ensure greater patient engagement and patient outcomes—his desire for deeper applied meaning results in recruitment initiatives that provide more positive patient outcomes. 

Phone: 519-572-4434

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Nate Tadesco

Senior Account Executive

With over 25 years of experience as a relationship builder with enhanced communication skills, capable of motivating staff to peak performance, Nate Tedesco is a dedicated professional with a strong work ethic and ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and productivity. As a seasoned Business Development professional for ResearchMetrix, Nate’s responsibilities include marketing research and strategic advice, with particular expertise in patient engagement and enrollment. He has also developed a passion for engaging with businesses to deliver truly innovative solutions.


Nate is effective at setting strategies that inspire teams to execute with precision and pace. He is highly skilled at creating a new vision/business policy toward the achievement of client goals. With a Bachelor of Science in the College of Health and Human Development, Nate brings a wealth of background and knowledge in patient recruitment.


Nate Tedesco holds a BS from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University and is also a teacher of Marketing studies at Conestoga College. 

Phone: 519-572-4434

John Marshall

Senior Consultant

As an ardent believer in creative psychology, John has worked in partnership with a roster of noteworthy clients that represent a virtual who’s who of brand recognition. Throughout his career, in his own company and with many established agencies, John has roles including, Innovation, Strategy and Digital transformation for some of the  world’s leading organizations such as McDonald’s, Samsung, Sotheby’s, Christies, Budget. As Creative Director and Marketing Strategist for multiple fortune 500 companies and small to medium businesses, John is known for conceptual brand thinking, a passion for innovation and an ability to drive insights into successful commercial concepts for creative and effective communications that build brands.


John’s experience in the advertising, conceptual planning, naming conventions, and digital transformation, has given him the background that helped him conceive, create, patent and launch, SnappSearch, a digital advertising search technology to allow a real time search inside a digital ad unit without leaving the host site. From 2013 to 2019, John received multiple digital advertising global awards for his new innovation, including the coveted 2018 OMMA (Online Media & Marketing Awards) in New York.


John graduated in Art & Design from the National College of Art in Dublin and a Diploma in fine art in Chartres, Paris and is an accomplished painter, specializing in Leonardo DaVinci reproductions.

Phone: 519-572-4434

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