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Clinical Trials Ontario’s Patient Recruitment and Engagement Online

Workshop to understand how Human engagement

produces more positive patient outcomes

Join Yvan Lamoureux, CEO of Research Metrix

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (April 19th, 2023) Each month, Clinical Trials Ontario invites a

Research Ready mentor from the Community of Practice as host of an online workshop to share best practices and highlight exceptional processes. The April 25 Workshop features Patient Engagement and Recruitment for Clinical Trials.

This month, Yvan Lamoureux, CEO and Founder of Research Metrix, discusses how going

beyond protocol targets and gaining a better understanding of human engagement produces more positive patient outcomes. Yvan will feature digital online recruitment tactics that have become fragmented and require a balanced, integrated, multi-channel approach. He will also describe how pre-screening for trials differs from practicing medicine and how to become more effective in recruitment efforts.

As a recognized expert in data-driven marketing, brand engagement, and digital transformation, Yvan Lamoureux has had many roles spanning the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Clinical Research Trials, Cannabis, Saas Companies, and Industrial Supply industries. He has held senior positions across many disciplines and business units, most notably strategic patient recruitment initiatives. Coupled with his infectious energy and creative spirit, Yvan brings a wealth of knowledge and marketing prowess in patient care through patient engagement, applying a deep understanding of human-centered recruitment marketing that delivers positive patient outcomes for maximum enrollment growth.

Join Yvan on April 25th between 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM.


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