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The Clinical Trial agency making Patient Recruitment more human-centered.

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (April 19th, 2023) Researchmetrix, a newly branded Clinical Trial initiative delivered by Crank Works Creative, that goes beyond protocol targets and gains a better understanding of engagement producing more positive patient outcomes.

The launch comes at a valuable time, with organizations feeling increasingly overwhelmed in recent years, having seen the Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment market jump to $19 Billion


It's About Creating A Connection

Researchmetrix aims to connect with patients empathetically and emotionally by

understanding the types of apprehension and questions about participation in Clinical Trials by creating and curating messaging that reaches out to the human side of patient recruitment.

Patients are used to being engrossed with their condition every day but might not have any idea who is involved in Clinical Trials to see if a treatment is safe and effective for them and the general population. To give them a voice and to humanize the process, Researchmetrix creates and delivers successful patient engagement and enrollment campaigns across Canada, the US and Australia.

States Yvan Lamoureux, CEO and Founder of Researchmetrix and with over 10 years'

experience in Clinical Trial marketing: “Beyond simple campaigns, we have built an enduring process that truly addresses the reality of patient enrollment for all involved. Confident that Researchmetrix is here to support them and flexible enough to meet all the protocols and requirements of Patient Recruitment campaigns, we are inviting PIs, Sponsors, CROs and Clinical sites to contact our team for a FREE evaluation of their own Patient Recruitment programs.”

Nate Tedesco, Senior Account Executive with over 25 years in communication and marketing strategy: “This launch is a true collaborative partnership between the Clinical Trial industry and the vast experience of Researchmetrix. We are confident our approach resonates with all Trial programs, has a positive impact on the participants and successfully maximizes the enrollment process. We are so excited to launch Researchmetrix into the world of Clinical Trials.”

Researchmetrix ‘Human-Centered’ campaigns bring Patient Recruitment to life across online video, print, digital and social.

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